Covergirl, Calendar Girl and Supermodel packages @ Studio One Photography Peterborough

What to expect

What to expect on a Covergirl Photoshoot Session

All sessions start with a discussion about the style of photos that you would like to have taken. You will be shown pictures that have been taken in the studio to give you some ideas, or you can bring along pictures that you like that we can use for reference. This discussion can take place immediately before the photographic session, or can be done at a pre- shoot visit to the studio, which is preferable as it gives more time to prepare and plan the shoot, and gives the opportunity to meet the staff, making you more relaxed on the day of the shoot.

Hair & Make-up
All our packages include professional hair and make up, which will take about 30 - 45 minutes. Our stylist has an extensive range of professional make up, but if you have any particular make up requirements, or colours you would like to use, please feel free to bring your own. All images you choose will be professionally retouched to the highest quality, so do not worry at all about skin blemishes, these can easily be removed .

Doing your own Make-up and digital retouching/airbrushing If you are competent at you own hair and make-up, then your images when retouched will look sensational. All images you choose will be professionally retouched to the highest quality, so do not worry at all about skin blemishes, these can easily be removed.

We do have a number of accessories for use as props, but you should bring a selection of your own clothes, the choice is yours, bring a variety of stuff that you think is suitable, usually something casual, jeans/ shorts and a few tops, perhaps something more dressy, like a nice frock or gown, anything unusual or dramatic in the way of accessories, shoes, hats, perhaps something to do with hobbies that you might have, horse riding, dancing etc, some nice underwear/ swimwear if your feeling brave! The choice is yours!

The shoot

At the Studio

Once hair and make-up have been done we will start to work through our planned sets. If needed you will be given advice and instruction on how to pose, or once again, we are more than happy to take the direction from you. You are able to see the pictures on large monitor within seconds of them being taken, so we generally shoot a few poses, assess the images, flag the ones we like and once we have the shot, move on to the next set. When we have completed all the sets we intended we will go through the flagged images and decide on the images that you want to print.

On Location (Calendar Girl and Supermodel packages only)
As part of your shoot and weather permitting you may wish to have some pictures taken in the lovely countryside surrounding the studio. We are a short walk from the Nene Valley Steam Railway and the river, giving some fabulous photographic opportunities that will give your portfolio a more diverse look.

You are more than welcome to bring a friend or Chaperone if it will make you more comfortable, they don't just have to sit and watch, we actively encourage their input during the shoot and the selection process.

Selecting Images
The session will end with a viewing of all the images taken (usually several hundred), selecting a shortlist of the best images, (usually 20 -30, sometimes more). This shortlist of images can then be put in a password protected gallery on our website for you to view and make your final selection. The images you select will then be digitally tweaked/retouched to give you the covergirl look.

Depending on product type, images are usually available within 7 working days.